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Compassion in World Farming Trust www.ciwf.org.uk

The Vegetarian Society www.vegsoc.org

Viva! www.viva.org.uk

World Society for the Protection of Animals www.wspafarmwelfare.org

Advocates for Animals www.advocatesforanimals.org.uk

Shellfish Network www.shellfishnetwork.org.uk

Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary www.brook-farm.org.uk

International Fund for Animal Welfare US www.ifaw.org/ifaw_united_states

International Fund for Animal Welfare Canada www.ifaw.org/ifaw_canada_english

Farm animal facts www.animal corner.co.uk

Animal Blog www.animalblog.co.uk

CharityNetUsa CharityNet USA

Christian Vegetarian Association UK www.christianvegetarian.co.uk

Rational Animal www.orangeribbonforanimals.org

Quaker Concern for Animals www.quaker-animals.org.uk

Pacific Free Press www.pacificfreepress.com "..avenue for disseminating hard news and insightful, fact-based analysis of the harsh realities too often ignored or distorted by the mainstream press.

Wales Against Animal Cruelty www.walesagainstanimalcruelty.org.uk Judi Hewitt raises awareness on animal cruelty issues and dedicated to ending the institutional exploitation and abuse of animals by defending their rights and welfare.

Kim W. Stallwood http://www.grumpyvegan.com animal welfare activist